Bath Hose Dog Cat Grooming Glove

Multi-Functional Massage Brush Bath Hose Dog Cat Grooming Glove

Product Details

Multi-Functional Massage Brush Bath Hose Dog Cat Grooming Glove

一,Product specification

Name Bath Hose Dog Cat Grooming Glove
Glove size
hose long
2.4 Meters
Hose material
Fit for
Pets like Dogs Cats
packageStandard Gift box/OEM giftbox
50/100 set

二,Dog Cat Grooming Glove Selling Point In Market

The pet shower kit will help you to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from your pets easily. With enhanced high quality silicone grooming tips, it ensure a gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin. Give your family and pets better health and removes traces of diseases.

 Combined with grooming glove and shower sprayer attachment, this pet shower tool enables you BATHE and MASSAGE for your pet, and GROOM his deshedding hair, which will make bath time easier and stress-free. Suitable for short, medium, long and curly-haired dogs, cats and other pets
 Built-in massage bristles is a vigorous brush down to rid of loose hairs; the one-size-fits-all bathing glove is made of a breathable mesh cloth that dries fast, silicone bristles for massaging and collecting hair. Extra strap help secure the hose to arm and prevent twisting and bending
Five finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face. Ergonomic design makes the dog bath sprayer can be worn as glove which allows you to control your dog with both hands while soaking the densest fur
SUITABLE for all taps with 4 faucet adaptors that can fit to multiple different sink variations and easy to use.

三,Product detail show

宠物手套水管A款 (1)

宠物手套水管A款 (7)

宠物手套水管A款 (9)宠物手套水管A款 (4)宠物手套水管A款 (6)

四, FAQ

  1. Are you a factory?

    We are trading business type for pet accessories, but our cooperation factory specliazed in Pet accessories production more than 11 years based in China.

  2. Can you do OEM services ?

    Yes of course

  3. Do you accept ODM peoject ?

    Yes we accept ODM project.