Automatic Pet Nail Polisher

Automatic Pet Nail Polisher Bunnings best dog nail grinder 2018 wholesaler based in China suppliers

Product Details

China supplier Automatic Pet Nail Polisher Bunnings best dog nail grinder 2018

一:Product specification

Product name Automatic Pet Nail Polisher for dogs cats
Main functionPet Nail cleaning 
MaterialPlastic cell 
Battery type
18650*2pcs (not included), you can easily buy from a  local store

Product feature

1)Care for your pet's Skin
2) Avoid scratching the furniture 
3) Avoid dirt accumulation 
4) Avoid inflammation

二:Product selling point

    1. Efficient and Mute - With diamond grinding machine, ultra-quiet motor, quiet and safe, gently remove the nails, so that your pet is no longer afraid

    2. 3 Ports for Different Sized Ports - This pet trimmer is perfect for most pets, no matter dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, hamsters. Port 1 for small pets, port 2 for medium and large pets, port 3 for fast shaping nails

    3. Professional Design - The nail head has a plastic cover. It can effectively block the powder of nails that are being used during use, so as to avoid flying everywhere. The handle part has a wide size and a short length. It is suitable for holding in the hand, and it is not easy to use when it is labor-saving. And you can operate it alone without help


三:Product detail picture show





Automatic Pet Nail Polisher

Automatic Pet Nail Polisher (2)

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