What Capacity Power Bank Better For Your Use?

- Sep 20, 2018-

What capacity power bank better for your use?

Market full of different design, capacity power bank with different output input specifictions, do you know how to choose and which capacity is the correct one you need? See below some tips you will get more helpful points.

For short-time outdoor use,we will recommended to choose 5000 mAh capacity power bank products. And  10,000 mAh for long business trips. Generally, the power bank whcih capacity higher than 15000 mAh or less than 3000 mAh, the practicality will be greatly reduced.

The current mobile power bank mainly uses  lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries, and the elative output efficiency is stable, while the lithium polymer batteries are lighter, safer and more efficient than liquid lithium ion batteries. Please note to buy a certificated power bank.

Conversion rate
If the conversion rate is too low, the iside pcb board loss of the power bank will be large, and there may be heat or even cause an explosion. Products with a conversion rate of around 85% are already excellent. If the conversion rate is declared to be over 90%, it is likely to be false.

Accessories and additional features
If there are multiple charging adapters, the range of use can be extended. The dual interface USB port can charge two electronic products at the same time, and the LED lighting can be used for emergency when you are in outdoor camping. In addition, the solar charging function is too slow, don't use it as main function.

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