The Best Way To Buy Power Banks

- Aug 20, 2018-

Power Bank– The Best Way To Buy Them 

Still worried? The easiest way to steer clear of counterfeit or faulty Power Banks is by only purchasing through reputable suppliers. but how to know a power bank safety or not ?

Our recommended Top 10 aspects for choosing a suitable Power Bank for promotional use are –

· Size/capacity-Sometimes power bank capcity is relative with the power bank size

· Power output--Normally output is 1A--2.1A.type c about 2.5-3A

· Number of USB ports

· Cables included

· Power input--always 1-2.5A

· Safety

· Quality

· Certification

· Product design

· Branding area

· Trust one thing very important, you will get what you pay for. Some power bank cheap enough but they are come with a fake capacity, even for not safe battery. It will easy casue fire or hurt your phone battery. 

The optimum type of Power Bank for you should be able to ensure at least used safety battery inside.

Kingberry’s range of portable power bank can be viewed on our website. If you need further help or advice about Power Banks or any other promotional tech products, please call our expert team on +8613825260274 or email

Kingberry offer safety lithium battery power bank with different design, durable use and not hurt for mobile phone.

Below apply some of new trends power bank in market for your reference.


Fast wireless charging pad


Fast wireless charging pad


Wireless power bank 10000mAh


emergency charger

photobank(14).jpgOne time use charger


        LCD power bank