Mobile Power Type

- Jul 09, 2018-

AC plug type

Mobile power supply with folding AC plug--folding in-line mobile power supply: can be directly inserted

Mobile power split diagram

Mobile power split diagram

 The product itself is charged on the household socket, and the charger and the mobile power function are integrated into one body, which is more practical and portable.

LCD screen display

Mobile power with LCD display. With the development of mobile power [3], users are not only satisfied with charging, but more users are pursuing security and personality. Some mobile power supplies in the market have worked hard on the outer casing and battery type to produce a mobile power supply with a digital display mobile power supply. Such products generally use pure cobalt batteries to reduce the error in the display of electricity.

Different types of mobile power core components, in brief, have two parts, one is the medium that stores the power, and the other is the medium that converts other energy into electricity. Therefore, the quality of the battery can be used as one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of mobile power.

Mobile power, designers consider design from environmental, art, portable and many other aspects. Further individual adjustments were made to the market. Once again, it brings a new design concept to the mobile power industry. The main idea of mobile power is called mobile power, which is still portable and lightweight.