Mobile Power Capacity And Charging

- Jul 09, 2018-

Mobile power charging mobile phones is not just a simple capacity divided by capacity, but many people will also fall into the wrong zone. Since all mobile power supplies need to go through the above process, the higher the capacity, the higher the conversion power, the better and more practical. .

 Actual power

The standard voltage of the commercially available mobile power battery is generally maintained at about 3.7V, so the actual power of the mobile power supply of 10000 mA is 3.7V × 10000mAh = 37Wh, and the voltage charged by the mobile phone is 5V, according to the law of conservation of energy, moving When the power supply boosts the output current to 5V, the capacity of the mobile power supply is 37000Wh÷5V=7400mAh.

Conversion rate

The 7400 mAh here is not the final energy of the mobile phone. In the process of charging the mobile phone for the mobile phone, the board boost and the operation of the security chip will consume a part of the power, so the conversion rate of the mobile power is generally about 85%. According to 85% calculation, the actual output of the mobile power source is 7400mAh×85%=6290mAh.