Mobile Phone Case Accessories Industry Analysis And Development Direction

- Sep 03, 2018-

The development of the domestic economy has faced enormous challenges in the development of the mobile phone accessories market. In terms of market competition, the number of mobile phone accessories stores is increasing, and the market is facing a trend of oversupply.  The mobile phone accessories industry has strong requirements for a further reshuffle, but there are still some development opportunities for some mobile phone accessories!

Why is the profitable mobile phone accessories industry a past tense?

Before  2015, the sales of mobile phones in China continued to heat up, which also brought the popularity of mobile phone accessories. Especially from the popularity of smartphones in 2012, mobile phone users have a  huge demand for large-capacity memory cards and batteries and smartphone equipment such as headphones. Battery, charger, Bluetooth headset, memory card, card reader and other mobile phone accessories have a very high matching rate, mobile charging treasure, car charger, car Bluetooth, etc. are also favored by fashion business people.

With the speed of mobile phone replacement, the standards for mobile phone accessories in China have also been introduced one after another.  Mobile phone accessories have become one-time investment products, which has also led to the end of the profiteering era of the mobile phone accessories market.

The development trend of mobile phone accessories stores is declining. How to reverse the situation?

In fact, this industry has also effectively raised a group of people,  including manufacturers and sales vendors. The news that once used mobile phone screensavers to enter the million yuan is believed to have shocked many people! The demand for products such as membranes and shells has not been reduced, but the subsequent homogenization is serious. The transparent price war has caused more and more mobile phone accessories stores to shrink sharply.

Mobile phone shell customization is currently the most popular project in the domestic mobile phone accessories market. Combined with the original mobile phone accessories market, it expands its in-store business to add value-added services to stores. China's  1.3 billion people, 1.7 billion mobile phones, mobile phone peripheral  market is still very large, but the current trend of the domestic mobile  phone accessories market has become: the same piece of cake, everyone  wants to take a sip, the cake is not enough for a long time, so in the  original It  is the key to seek breakthroughs on the basis of the market. Every mobile phone user will pursue novel and fashionable things, and can only follow the development of the times to improve the aesthetics of the products so that they can not be eliminated by this market!

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