Festival Season Promotional Item

- Mar 20, 2019-

It's a festival season now, and are you ready for a gift? Today we would like to talk, why Free gift still exsit.


  1.     memorable – 88% of people claim that they remember the advertisers better if they received a promotional product from them
    2.    valid – 85% of people claim that the promotional products prompted them to go into business with the advertiser
    3.    remarkable – 80% of people say that they can remember the printed message that was on the promotional items they received
    4.    compelling – if you give out promotional merchandise, you increase your chances of getting new customers by 83%
    5.    favourite – 70% of brands and businesses think that promotional items are still relevant, effective, and a sure way to reach marketing goals

A successful promotional season help you improve your brands Influence around your customer group.

so it's pretty important for a gift choose.

Mostly gift set need to be good to use, and cheap price also with  a certain attraction point. Like popular item wireless earphone, cheap power bank, fashional toy etc

Kingberry as a manufacturer for promotional gift power bank, what we offer like below:

Festival Season promotional item-one time use charger

Premium Gift Power Bank

Colorful gift power bank from Kingberry

Festival gift power bank from Kingberry