Li-ion 3.7V 18650 MG1 Battery

Main Applicaions: E-cigarettes, vacuum cleaning appliaction, electric tools, cordless Power Tools, RC model, e-bike, etc.

Product Details

Li-ion 3.7V 18650 MG1 Battery sinal cell


    1)High energy density
    2) High working voltage for single battery cells
    3)Long life span, more than 500 times
    4) Eco-friendly, no mercury (heavy metal) etc
    5)No memory effect
    6)With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable
    7)Good consistency, low self discharge
    8)Light weight, small size

1. Product detail specifiction

3.6V 18650 MG1 Battery
Nominal  Capacity
Nominal Voltage
N weight
Discharge Current10A Maximum Continuous
Charge Upper Limit Voltage4.2V
Charging voltage
4.20 +/- 0.05 V
Country of Origin
South Korea



3. Product picuture show

Li-ion 3.7V 18650 MG1 Battery

Li-ion 3.7V 18650 MG1 Battery

Li-ion 3.7V 18650 MG1 Battery

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MH1 18650 3200mAh Battery

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MH1 18650 3200mAh BatteryMH1 18650 3200mAh Battery

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MH1 18650 3200mAh Battery

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