18650 Rechargeable Battery

18650 Rechargeable Battery

As a original top agent in China, we pffer original M26 2600mAh 10A 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery 2600mah safe power battery for ecig/scoo

Product Details

18650 Battery For Torch Vape Rechargeable High Drain 2600mAh 3.7V Cell

  1. Product base information

Model Number
M26 original
Normal capacity
Battery resistance:
30 milliohms below
Cut-off Discharge Voltage2.75V
Charge Upper Limit Voltage4.20±0.05V
Load voltage cut:
4.2 V

Operating Temperature

charge (0 ~ 45°C                     

discharge (-20 ~ 60°C)

2. MG26 Characteristics:
1, the cell itself comes with explosion-proof cutting, high safety performance, no explosion, no burning, high temperature, good performance, resistance to overload. Suitable for mobile power, flashlight, electronic cigarette
power tools, airplane model, etc., and some high current load, high cycle performance requirements of electrical appliances.

18650 Rechargeable Battery Area of application:
1) portable batteries for the core, high-end flashlight light, mobile power, electronic cigarette, scanner, POS credit card machines.
2) PHS phone, walkie-talkie, Bluetooth stereo, portable fax machines, printers, digital cameras, video cameras.
3) Portable DVD player, VCD, electric motorcycle power supply, braided car, electric bicycle power, electric drill, planer, medical equipment and so on.

3. Product picuture show

18650 Rechargeable Battery18650 Rechargeable Battery

18650 Rechargeable Battery18650 Rechargeable Battery

4. About us

 KINGBERRY is established in 2011 and is a leading manufacturer for lithium battery & power bank, other mobile phone accessories etc. We have our own factory and professional R&D team that allows us to design and manufacture the products that meet customer's requirements. And with the excellent oversea sales team, we have exported our products to more than 100 countries for the past 5 years. We are welcome cooperation partner come and visit us.Hope to be your partners in China.

18650 Rechargeable Battery

5. Other services

MJ1 18650 lithium ion Battery

6. Certificates like CE ROHS FCC MSDS is available to send.

18650 Rechargeable Battery

7. FAQ

Is it real brand?

1, the battery are considered dangerous goods, please use the correct, to avoid the danger. Sent to Russia that we use land transport, other countries use sea or air transport. Choose an express express transportation using air transport. The battery is made of flammable and explosive materials, we will choose the best and safest way of transportation. Let's make good packaging.    

2, the battery is the origin of domestic imports, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries. All genuine original, only authentic original! We do not sell fake!   

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