What is the power bank ?

- Sep 01, 2018-

What is the power bank?
 A portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions, and can be used to charge mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. Generally, lithium  batteries (or dry batteries, less common) are used as power storage units, which are convenient and quick to use. It has certain emergency functions. In the case that many digital power sources cannot store electricity, it can be powered by some devices to achieve the normal working effect of digital products.
POwer bank classification
Ordinary charging function mobile power
At present, one of the more mainstream mobile power types in the market, they do not have any extended functions, only charge and discharge. Most of their shapes are more fashionable, and they use flexible packaging batteries, which are professional external portable mobile power supplies.
Multi-function mobile power
This kind of mobile power is also a popular one. In addition to the charging and discharging functions of the mobile power supply, they also integrate some other practical functions, such as LED lighting function and LCD screen display function.
Solar charging function mobile power
This mobile power supply is equipped with solar panels, which can be charged by sunlight during use. This type of mobile power supply is not yet very practical.
AC plug type mobile power supply
Portable power supply with folding AC plug - Folding in-line mobile power: It can be directly plugged into the household socket to charge the product itself, integrating the charger and mobile power function, more practical and portable.
Built-in charging line type mobile power supply
In addition to being able to charge digital products, users must pursue the portability of mobile power. With the built-in charging cable, users can no longer be bothered by the inability to find the charging cable and adapter.
Splicing type / split superimposed mobile power supply
The splicing of several independent power sources can expand the overall capacity of the power supply and cope with the large power demand. When the power consumption is small, the large-capacity power supply can be disassembled into a small-capacity power supply, thereby reducing the weight of the portable vehicle without delaying the battery life.
Wireless charging mobile power mobile power
You don't need a USB cable to plug in, and you don't need a power cord to connect to the outlet, you can use the portable wireless power supply for outdoor wireless charging.
Tablet type
Tablet mobile power is the problem of targeting and solving the short-term use of tablet products. With a large-capacity mobile power supply, you can provide continuous power to your tablet products anytime, anywhere.

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