Portable charger product classification

- Jul 09, 2018-

Portable phone charger

It is convenient for high-end mobile phones such as iPhones, Nokia phones, and Motorola phones. The portable charger allows the phone to be charged anytime, anywhere.

portable MP3 charger

Convenient for MP3, MP4, MP5 and other music players to charge, through the portable charger allows you to have electric charging anytime, anywhere, very suitable for listening to music when traveling.

portable PDA charger

For business phones such as PDAs, which use large amounts of power and consume fast power, portable chargers allow you to have electric charging anytime, anywhere, making them ideal for travel.

portable PSP charger

At present, digital products are changing with each passing day, and consumers are increasingly demanding attributes other than product functionality. In particular, the appearance of products is increasingly valued by merchants and consumers. ABS material and piano paint process are also gradually being used in electronic products, which can make the product full of fashion elements and feel very comfortable.