Mobile power market is developing rapidly

- Aug 31, 2018-


         In 2018, Shenzhen city has concentrated more than 85% of the country's mobile power production manufacturer, but the lack of Shenzhen mobile power standards, national policy have not yet been introduced. Under this background, shenzhen Mobile Communications Federation and Shenzhen Mobile Power Industry Alliance have joined forces with more than 50 domestic mobile power upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises and institutions in China. After two years, Shenzhen Mobile Power Social Group Standard has been formulated. The release and implementation of the mobile power group standard has certain significance for improving product quality and standards, helping consumers to identify mobile sources that are not good, improving quality consumption, and promoting the healthy development of the industry....
     The data shows that the global fast-charge chips have been formed in the early stage of China's fast-charge market, and the related mobile power, charger, mobile phone, tablet, notebook and other ecological chains have been formed, especially the mobile power sharing charging has become this year. Industry hotspots, more than 20 domestic and foreign capital predators chasing by Tencent, Jinshajiang Venture Capital, IDG, etc., more than 10 shared charging companies such as street, call, small electric, HI, and magic power in the first half of the year In just over 10 days, the amount of financing reached more than 1 billion yuan...
    Wang Lijian, director of the China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute, believes that the sharing of charging projects in the hot market, the safety and quality of mobile power is even more important. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the mobile power industry, and the development of the industry needs to be greatly strengthened. Strengthening the supervision and management of self-discipline and quality standards is a top priority.

The “Shenzhen Standard” appeared in the mobile power industry, filling the gap in the industry that there is no mobile power standard. The Shenzhen Mobile Communications Federation and the Shenzhen Mobile Power Industry Alliance have joined hands with more than 50 industry, academia and research institutions to launch the Shenzhen Mobile Power Social Group Standard. According to statistics, more than 85% of China's mobile power R&D design and manufacturing enterprises gather in Shenzhen, and there are more than 2,000 deep enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In 2016, mobile power shipments reached more than 100 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Mobile Power was exported. Europe, the United States, ASEAN, South Asia and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, a considerable part of which is OEM/ODM orders.

In recent years, mobile power sources have appeared in spontaneous combustion and explosion accidents in public places. Shared charging treasures are regarded as venture capital outlets to increase the demand for such products. How to standardize the quality and safety of mobile power to ensure the healthy development of the industry has aroused widespread concern in the industry. In order to implement the standard and let more industry companies use the standard, Shenzhen Mobile Communications Federation commissioned a third-party national testing agency to randomly detect some fast-charging mobile power supplies on the market. Most mobile power brands such as Huawei have reached The fast charge indicator in the new standard.

Yuan Wei, chairman of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Standards Committee, said that Shenzhen's mobile power group standards have broken through regional limitations. This expert finalization will be upgraded to the China Mobile Power Industry Group Standard, which is of great significance for improving market product quality and promoting industry development. Shenzhen This standard can be submitted to the International Association for the application to become a higher level standard specification.

From the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Industrial Cooperation Association, the China National Standardization Association, the American Consumer Electronics Standards Association, and the shared charging companies such as small electric power, telephone calls, and street power, and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the mobile power industry chain, Huawei. More than 800 people including Philips, Hammer and Purple Rice attended the conference. Hoping it will be more and more reliable!


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