Mobile phone charger type

- Jul 09, 2018-

Mobile phone chargers can be roughly divided into travel chargers, docking chargers, USB chargers and maintenance chargers. The latest is the mobile phone case charger.

phone case charger

other chargers

The main user contact is mainly the first two. The most popular ones in the market are travel chargers. There are also many types of travel chargers. The common ones are cheap duck egg type miniature travel chargers, ordinary desktop card type chargers, and high-end desktop charging with liquid crystal display. Device. Since most mobile phone users are non-professional users, the chargers are basically full of self-stop functions, and most of the travel chargers are fast chargers, charging time is about 1-3 hours. Many chargers on the market are advertised as using micro-computer control, including some very cheap duck-type miniature travel chargers. In fact, it is strictly analyzed from the charging circuit, and a small number of chargers can be truly controlled by microcomputer (single-chip microcomputer control). .