How to charge the power bank?

- Sep 11, 2018-

How to charge the power bank?
1, Recognize the functions of the various components and interfaces of the mobile power supply, and distinguish which interface should be used by your own equipment to prevent damage to the equipment caused by the wrong interface.

2,After selecting the corresponding cable, you can charge it now. Of course, these interfaces are just a few of the commonly used ones. If you are convenient, it is best to charge them with your original data cable.
3, In the charging process, it is usually automatically charging. It is necessary to select a charging treasure with overcharge protection to prevent damage caused by overcharging.
4, In addition to the larger capacity products need special charger to charge faster, generally use mobile phone charger, of course, can also use computer USB interface (not recommended).
5, Some power banks with LED lights and other function, which are generally controlled directly by the power switch in the use, long press 2 seconds, or short press twice to open or close.

New Power bank Notes

1.Newly-purchased Transfer Power New Primary Usage Total City Ultra Low, after Whole Purchase After Headquarters Electricity Best Positive Electrification Reuse.

2.The use of charging plugged plate
When charging the mobile power source, try to choose a good socket or plug, and some bad sockets and small plug-in capacity are easy to cause security risks.

3.Charging time
When charging the mobile power itself, the general time is 2-5 hours. After fully charging, it is best to unplug it from the socket in time, and do not let it be charged for a long time.

4.Use a matching USB interface
The devices corresponding to various USB data lines are different. In order to use the mobile power to power the device normally, please use the matching USB data interface.

5.Device input voltage
Pay attention to the input voltage range of the device when charging. The universal mobile power supply voltage output range is 5.3+-0.5v. If it is not within the range of the mobile power supply, it is not recommended.

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