Amazon best seller of PUBG mobile joystick controller ?

- Aug 14, 2018-

Are you're really into PUBG mobile or mobile fire war games ?
Do you think  its hard to handle the game without the right tools?
Have you ever know how some people are always owning you in the game?

Yup, you are correct! They are using gaming triggers for their mobile when playing the same!

But those accessories are not just any trigger, you're going to want something that is durable, reusable, portable, practical and functional.

Which is why we now carry these PUBG Mobile Gaming Trigger clips to LEVEL UP your mobile gaming experience.

These triggers allow you to aim and shoot with much better precision and more fast action. Not to mention, they also give you better grip of your phone while playing the game!

Well well, its time... Winner! Winner! Chicken! Dinner! Come on !


Trigger S6


Trigger S7

mobile trigger  (3).png