Disposable Charger Iphone

A battery backup is practically essential for iPhone owners on the go, but what happens if your portable charger is drained? The Powrtabs Disposable Battery Charger aims to fix that problem with, well, disposable battery charger packs. Each pack is rated at 1,000 mAh so you’ll get about a four hour boost off one. They’re made from recycled materials and designed to be thrown away once they’re used.

Product Details

Kingberry 1000mAh Li-polymer disposable charger iphone

Product features

1)Fashionable and Novel: One- Time Use Emergency Charger Portable and Small Size, 1000mAh
2) High compatibility: compatible with more than 99% of mobile phones and digital products on the market
3) Portable: Cable, Charger, and Power Outlet Not Needed; Slim and Small (2.24 x 2 x 0.43 inches) and Light Disposable Power Bank; easy to carry with Switch Condom Package
4)High quality: polymer lithium ion batteries, excellent quality, safety and environmental protection; switch button can protect the battery, prevent leakage, prolong the service time
5) High conversion rate emergency charger fits easily in your pocket, handbag or briefcase, and bring your smartphone back to life when you need it most

Product specifications:

Namedisposable charger iphone
1000mAh li-polyer
Support 20-30% battery to smartphones
Fit for which kind of phone
iPhone and Android phones
5V 500mA

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disposable charger iphone

disposable charger iphone

disposable charger iphone

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disposable charger iphone

Popular requests include:
 --Customised logo on product for use as staff rewards/promotional gift/advertising model with small moq
 ---Branded energy-saving packs for distribution by utility companies
 ---Branded product packs for corporate giveaways

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